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What would you like to wish now.

30 Nov 2019

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30 Nov 2019 What would you like to wish now. 4.00
29 Nov 2019 Are you a cat or a dog person? 0.00
28 Nov 2019 If life can be so difficult, then don't make it harder for each other. 0.00
27 Nov 2019 Sadnes and pain shows that we are human. Don't hide it. 0.00
26 Nov 2019 Have a good cry, it will cheer you up. 0.00
25 Nov 2019 There is a key for every heart, but it has to be the right one. 0.00
24 Nov 2019 Don't compare your Child to others. There's no comparison. 0.00
23 Nov 2019 Warren Buffet - The more you learn, the more you earn 0.00
22 Nov 2019 Hope is a light in your heart that gives courage today and strength tomorrow. 0.00
21 Nov 2019 You have a strength in yourself that is greater than the obstacles you encounter 4.00
20 Nov 2019 We are not on earth to make others sad. 0.00
19 Nov 2019 If you never have time, you can't handle it. 0.00
18 Nov 2019 With you I want to build great memories. 0.00
17 Nov 2019 Mom, you really are the best mother ever. 0.00
16 Nov 2019 Enjoy now, it's already later than think. 0.00
15 Nov 2019 You don't live once, but you live every day. 0.00
14 Nov 2019 Know what you are saying, but don't day everything you know. 4.00
03 Nov 2019 Mistakes are proof you are trying. Keep on trying. 0.00
02 Nov 2019 Maybe not every day is good, but there's something good in every day. 0.00
01 Nov 2019 It is time to take your place. 4.00
31 Oct 2019 Sometimes the smallest decisions change your life. 4.67
30 Oct 2019 The best gift you can get. 0.00
29 Oct 2019 Life begins after coffee. 4.00
28 Oct 2019 Some people are like clouds. 3.00
27 Oct 2019 Sadness and pain shows that we are human! 0.00